Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Gun Control

Carson is opposed to gun restriction but supports measures to ensure guns stay out of the hands of the mentally ill and violent criminals.

“It would be possible to be overwhelmed by external forces and it would be good to have a populace that could fight alongside the military. But they also realize that we could at some point have an overreaching
government ourselves and the populace would need to be able to protect themselves from a government like that. And you have to look back at what was done by people like Hitler and Castro and Lennon and some of the other dictators. One of the things that they always do is try to get rid of the guns of the people. So I would never advocate any restriction on the ability of people to have guns but the thing that I have said is we have to be considerate of the situation where you have people who are mentally unstable and people who are chronic violent criminals. And we need to engage in a conversation of how do we protect the rest of the populace from those individuals without restricting the rights of citizens, normal citizens.”

25 February, 2014: Eastman Employee Center Kingsport, TN

Ben Carson on the October, 2015 Oregon school shooting

HUGH HEWITT: Any reaction on terms of what gun control matters will inevitably be discussed in the aftermath of this?

BEN CARSON: Well obviously there are those who are going to be calling for gun control, but that happens every time we have one of these incidents. Obviously that’s not the issue. The issue is the mentality of these people and we need to be looking at the mentality of these individuals and seeing if there’s any early warning clues that we can gather that will help us as a society to be able to identify these people ahead of time.

HEWITT: It came up on the debate. I actually asked Governor Bush and Senator Cruz about this. I don’t believe the question went to you. Governor Bush had said we need to look into mental background checks but the 2nd amendment is so obviously a protection of individual rights. How far into someone’s background do we go?

CARSON: I guess it depends on what you find. If you find things that lead you further back you keep going further back and if it doesn’t look too suspicious you leave it alone. But what I worry about is when we get to the point when we say we have to have every gun registered. We have to know where the people are and where their guns are. That’s very dangerous and that I wouldn’t agree with at all.

October 2nd 2015: Hugh Hewitt Show

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