Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Cuba

Carson does not support the normalizing of relations with Cuba at this time.

ED BERLINER: With regard then to having significant and reaction we’re also talking about what’s going on in Cuba and the President’s plan to bring the Cubans back into the American sphere of diplomatic influence if you will has he made in your opinion a critical mistake?

BEN CARSON: Well there’s no question that there hasn’t been a good explanation to what’s in it for us. What’s in it for the Cuban people? How is it making their lives better? How does it complicate relationships between the United States and Russia who has a very close relationship with Cuba? These kinds of questions need to be asked and they should be asked right away. The media should be asking those questions of this administration then perhaps we can get some idea of why they would do this. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

BERLINER: Do you still get the feeling then judging by your comments that a good number of the media is still soft pedaling around Barack Obama and helping him get away with what is now pretty much hand cuffs off and he can do whatever he wants and not get a lot of questions?

CARSON: Of course I’ve been in Israel so I haven’t heard everything that they’re asking but you know usually they don’t ask the tough questions. Raul Castro is 80 years old. How much longer is he going to be there? There will be a regime change before too long and if we give away all of our bargaining chips how are we going to change anything in that area?

19 December, 2014: Newsmax TV Midpoint with Ed Berliner

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