Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Physician, Author and Citizen Politician

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Born: September 18th, 1951  (age 65)

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Ben Carson on Abortion

Carson is against abortion and supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

BEN CARSON: I spent my entire career as a pediatric neurosurgeon frequently staying up all night fighting, struggling, to save the lives of little babies, even operating on babies inside the womb. So I don’t think it should be hard for anybody to understand that I am totally opposed to killing babies.

(2:10 – 3:00)

NORAH O'DONNELL: So just to be clear because I looked at your website and it wasn’t clear on your website you are opposed to all abortions even in the case of life of mother?

CARSON: I think when it comes to the case of the life of the mother you have to look at the individual situation. Recognize that that’s largely a spurious argument because we’ve advanced so much in medicine these days that that situation rarely occurs.

11 August, 2015: Interview with CBS This Morning.

Carson on Planned Parenthood videos

BEN CARSON: Well you know it’s been over promised what the benefits of fetal research would be and very much under delivered. And if you go back over the years and look at the research that has been done and all the things that it was supposed to deliver very little of that has been done. And there’s nothing that can’t be done without fetal tissue. So it’s a spurious argument but what’s really disturbing is the fact that we have become so callous that a lot of people don’t even realize that this is shocking. To see the callousness with which we are treating human life. It’s interesting that there are so many people who are concerned about snail darters and little spiders and things and yet the human being inside that mother’s womb just beyond ten weeks is much more sophisticated than many of these creatures that they’re trying to preserve. And we’ve created a dichotomy in what should be almost a sacred relationship between a mother and that baby. The mother is the protector of that baby and we’ve distorted things to the point where people believe that if the mother can’t kill the baby then anybody who’s advocating that is the enemy of women. How can we be so foolish as to believe such a thing?

MEGYN KELLY: Yet the arguing on the other side is she’s aborting fetuses. Okay, to use the least controversial term, she’s aborting fetuses. Is it worse that she’s taking their organs and trying to do medical research? What is it that’s so controversial about this tape? We knew she was aborting fetuses.

(1:22 - 4:14)
CARSON: Well I think the thing that’s really controversial is that it’s like taking a cold fish and slapping you in the face when you’re falling asleep. You begin to recognize how far we have drifted in terms of our humanity. And you know a little developing baby is just an incredible sight to behold. Now that we have very good ultrasound techniques even have the ability to endoscopically look at these little human beings. At 17 weeks you’ve got a nice little nose, little fingers and hands, the hearts beating and it can respond to environmental stimulus. How can you believe that’s just an irrelevant mass of cells? That’s what they want you to believe when in fact it is a human being.

16 July, 2015: Interview with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File.

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